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KudosLink lets you create a Digital Group Board to share images and videos with friends or team to celebrate special moments.

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🍕🏈📈👩‍💻🍪🥇✈️🏖🌈⛵️🎮🏂 What do you share with your company/team/group? #shareabsolutelyanything

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For all the caring people, the ones who stand up and give Kudos, this is the software for you! 🥰

Dear visitor, Hi 👋 Let’s tell you all about KudosLink! If anything’s unclear — that’s probably my fault. Sorry. Reach out with any Qs!

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A personal touch, even from thousands of miles away. 🪐

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What customers say about KudosLink

Adam Miller

“It's perfect for creating digital boards filled with personalized messages, photos, and videos”

Mary Lewis

“KudosLink made my sister's birthday extra special. I create a board and invite her loved ones to post wishes and photos. On her birthday, I sent her the link and she was overjoyed to see all the love waiting for her”

John Austin

“Really nice way to bid farewell to colleagues and friends. It's a great way to create a digital card filled with messages and well-wishes”

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How it works

Woman drawing on a board

Create Group Board

Sarah's birthday is coming up next week. Create and customize a digital board for her.

Man and woman pointing on a board

Invite Others

Share the board with Sarah's friends and family as a simple link, so they can post photos and videos.

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Deliver the board

On the day of Sarah's birthday, send her the link to the completed board as a birthday present.

Intuitive & easy
All contributors can post for free and without logging in. Oh, and creating a KudosLink takes less time than reading this bubble.
Variety of posts
A word or two, a whole essay, images, gifs... you can even create your own memes. We just can’t stop adding features.
Kick it off for free
As a KudosLink creator, you can have all the fun with up to 25 posts on the house. Or go premium with no limits for a cool $5.99.
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Try it out
  • Unlimited free boards
  • Up to 25 posts
  • Basic types of posts:
    • - Text message
    • - GIFs
    • - Photos
  • 1 Premium board for free
  • Email support
  • Upgrade at any time
Go premium
one-time purchase
  • Everything in free
  • Unlimited posts
  • All types of posts:
    • - MEME builder
    • - Custom video
    • - Integrated AI (ChatGPT)
    • - Youtube embed
  • Custom URL name
  • Premium support
  • Get more premium boards any time
Try it out
  • 1 Board
  • 1 Board creator
  • Up to 25 posts
  • Upgrade at any time
  • Unlimited Boards
  • Unlimited Board creators
  • Unlimited Posts
  • Branding
  • Post moderation tools
  • Premium support