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KudosLink lets you pin personalized text, memes and gifs to a board. Just create a link and share it — your team’s good vibes will do the rest.

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Ocean wave

Cuz like… I’m waving at you 👋 🥹 😬

🍕🏈📈👩‍💻🍪🥇✈️🏖🌈⛵️🎮🏂 What do you share with your company/team/group? #shareabsolutelyanything

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For all the caring people, the ones who stand up and give Kudos, this is the software for you! 🥰

Dear visitor, Hi 👋 Let’s tell you all about KudosLink! If anything’s unclear — that’s probably my fault. Sorry. Reach out with any Qs!

Shiba Inu sitting on green grass

Everybody’s a good boy and girl. Let them know!

A personal touch, even from thousands of miles away. 🪐

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How it works

Woman drawing on a board

Create a KudosLink

It’s crazy quick and easy, just a few clicks. This is a fun tool for spreading positivity. No place for an annoying onboarding process.

Man and woman pointing on a board

Invite your buddies or team

That feeling when you and your peeps start flooding the board with inside jokes, weird memes, plans, memories.... nothing like it.

Two women with balloons

Share — and done!

Send the final creation to the recipient(s) and let all those collected Kudos do their thing — whatever that “thing” may be.

Company culture is sneaky

Sometimes, things slip through the cracks — like letting people express themselves in their own ways. That’s where we come in.

Man drawing on a board

A playground for what matters

People want to celebrate company culture in fun ways, but it can feel tricky to find the right place for it. KudosLink is that place.

Work desk with equipment

Software with character

Rather than a blank slate, KudosLink is a refreshing space that inspires creativity — from design to content and playful extras.

People celebrating

Personalized gifts FTW

Chocolate’s cool, but a bunch of colleagues sharing inside jokes to make someone smile is way cooler. Emotional value is priceless.

Generate a link for anything and share it with the company or a specific group/individual

What does that give you? Oh, just about a bazillion possibilities.

The coolest offsite ever, literally 🥶😅

Cheers to another year! 🥂 May your glass always be half full since let’s be honest, that’s when your best ideas happen.

Hi 🥵 The summer is slow season and it kinda sucks. How are you guys feeling? Should we do a game night? Extra ice cream in the office? Anything we can do?

Shoutout to Matt for crushing the deadline.

Big TB coming up. #coldnorth

Beckyy! It’s 3 years already! Congratzzz! 💛🤗💛

New client alert! Woop woop! 🪴🚨😮

How to help

Reggie last night: “Don’t worry, we’re gonna be fresh tomorrow! It’s just a little welcome drink.”


Gather team building highlights

have fun

The coolest offsite ever, literally 🥶😅

Cheddar dog in a winter
Man falling down from wood board

He said he’s a professional

Regarding the sledding accident. I knew what I was doing. The problem was that the snow became a bit icy over night and I couldn’t


Send a group birthday wish


Cheers to another year! 🥂 May your glass always be half full since let’s be honest, that’s when your best ideas happen.

Happy birthday text
Chocolate pie

Words are nice, cake is nicer. So here you go.

It’s impossible to put into words what you mean to me. But let me give it a shot. Chapter 1: Your Birth It was a day of celebration. P


Check company vibes during slow weeks


Hi 🥵 The summer is slow season and it kinda sucks. How are you guys feeling? Should we do a game night? Extra ice cream in the office? Anything we can do?

This is fine meme dog
Ice cold coffee

Ice coffee delivery every Friday!

Can we organize a lake trip like we did last year? I haven’t left my apt in three days and I’m starting to smell I mean feel weird.


Give shoutouts to entire teams


Shoutout to Matt for crushing the deadline.

Three men looking at laptop computer
Man with hat and his dog in front of computer

It was ruff, but Booboo helped!

Oops my b 🫣 Ofc the rest of the team deserves big Kudos as well. Alice, Martin, Nadine, Will, Jenna, Tom, Dasha, big F, Andy, Marcus


Create a mood board for an upcoming event


Big TB coming up. #coldnorth

Minimalistic grayblue house
Scandinavian interior

Scandisk vibes! This one also has 🇫🇮 sauna!

Also feel free to put your options on the board. Some requirements though: There’s 11 of us, so, we need at least 2 bathrooms for easy


Recognize a colleague’s anniversary


Beckyy! It’s 3 years already! Congratzzz! 💛🤗💛

Group of people wearing same sweater with brand logo
Two girls giving high five each other

First project together. What was it? 🤔🪟

Yo Becks! I’ll never forget that time you saved my ass and spent the whole weekend designing the landing page with me!


Get reactions to a new deal or milestone


New client alert! Woop woop! 🪴🚨😮

Business woman in yellow jacket
Two dog puppies

Important fact, Maria has two doggos! Two!

Maria and her company Green Muffin Society are transforming the food industry by creating an online platform for


Share highs and lows of the year


How to help

Ukrainian field
Stack of boxes

Last week’s donations are on their way 💙💛

First of all, thank you to everybody who contributed last month. We’re in contact with local shelters and always make sure that


Make people laugh ‘cause you feel like it


Reggie last night: “Don’t worry, we’re gonna be fresh tomorrow! It’s just a little welcome drink.”

Party man
Party man with his friends

Probably a funny anecdote, right?

I have 15 missed calls from just this morning. Before diving into that mystery, I’d like to apologize to Karen for suggesting the absinth

shape-1 shape-2 shape-3

Benefits, you ask?

To the People Ops and HR teams, Managers and Leads out there — this is for you.


Track & recognize all the things

Anniversary congrats, milestone celebration, party planning, event feedback, company mood tracking, daily giggles… sky’s the limit.


Easy across the board (literally)

Showing appreciation is basic kindness, so why make a confusing tool for it? We keep it simple to use for admins, contributors and recipients.


KudosLink Management System™

All links in one CKMS where you manage permissions, export your team’s glorious creations and are the ultimate Kudos boss.


Less googling, more saving

With so many presents to give on the daily, costs and logistics can be a lot. We save you time, money and a few headaches.

Money can’t buy happiness, but...

...there are some costs when it comes to creating a digital space for it. Still, we’re not here to only help those with the big bucks, so we have some options.

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