Farewell Cards - personalized text, memes and gifs to a board

...when saying goodbye

KudosLink lets you pin personalized text, memes and gifs to a board. Just create a link and share it — your team’s good vibes will do the rest.

Bye! Good riddance, Tony. We all know you overstayed your welcome. JK my man, gonna miss you so much.

Two playing rock-paper-scissors
Woman with bag on his head with smile

Don’t leave please, deal? DEAL?! DEAL!!

It feels like yesterday when I first met you at the elevator and you dropped your laptop and started crying. Now, 7 years later, I’m the

How it works

Woman drawing on a board

Create a KudosLink

It’s crazy quick and easy, just a few clicks. This is a fun tool for spreading positivity. No place for an annoying onboarding process.

Man and woman pointing on a board

Invite your buddies or team

That feeling when you and your peeps start flooding the board with inside jokes, weird memes, plans, memories.... nothing like it.

Two women with balloons

Share — and done!

Send the final creation to the recipient(s) and let all those collected Kudos do their thing — whatever that “thing” may be.

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Money can’t buy happiness, but...

...there are some costs when it comes to creating a digital space for it. Still, we’re not here to only help those with the big bucks, so we have some options.


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A very real Harvard study says:
In the near future, Kudos will replace currency, so better stock up now.

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